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“What  should I wear? Can I wear jeans to church?”

LFC is a casual family-friendly environment. Of course you can wear jeans!   Whether you wear a suit and tie, a dress, or shorts and tennis shoes, you’re likely to find  someone dressed in a similar manner!

“What  will the music be like?”

We love to worship!  Every service begins with three or four contemporary praise and worship songs. We have a full band with guitars, keys and drums. To help you, we have the words on our center-stage screen. You’ll love it!

“As  a first time guest, will I be called upon or embarrassed?”

Although we want every guest to feel welcome in our warm and friendly atmosphere, we do not want to single out any guest or cause embarrassment. We do welcome guests and offer a special little gift for each one — but this is done in a very discreet way.

“What  is there for my children?”

At LFC, we love children. Our heart is to reach the next generation for Jesus! We have a full children’s ministry during the Sunday and Wednesday services for children from newborn through 6th Grade. Our children’s ministry is a place where your children will be encouraged to worship God in their own way and God’s Word will be shared with them — all in a safe and fun atmosphere.

We have a dynamic ministry called “Rock Solid” for high school students!   Also we have “R.O.C.K.”, an exciting activities driven hour, designed specifically for elementary and middle school students – every Wednesday at 7 pm in the children’s building.

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