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Who can come?   Anyone ages 13 and up (anyone under 18 must have signed form from parent)

My investment?    The classes are absolutely free. This is a ministry of LFC. However, everyone needs to purchase a set of 5lbs dumb bells and a yoga mat. The more cushioned the mat, the better. You can purchase the set of dumb bells for roughly $8-15, and the mat for around $10-15.  TJ Maxx has some great deals if you can catch them! Other recommendations would be Wal*Mart or YTFS. Ask Mallory if you need help finding either of these!

What if I have kids? There will be babysitters for each class. It is $3 per kid. You must confirm attendance of your kids by 8pm the night before class so that we can make sure the babysitter is there for you. If there are no requests, there will not be a babysitter on hand.

Anyone attending will need to complete a waiver.  Please click here to download the form.